Friday, August 25, 2006

Distant Thunder: Taiko Drums #2

Animation and Music Sync. Test #1.

An early experiment in attempting to synchronize both the audio and avatar animation(s) ready for a Taiko drum ensemble within Second Life.

(It's close, but a non-steady frame rate is causing timing issues at the moment).

BlipTV version here.
YouTube version here.


Blogger Torley said...

I'm hoping we can bang away at it until our hands bleed so spiritually, like how Kitaro has done in Japan.

I haven't watched this video yet but am certainly looking forward to it!

25 August, 2006  
Anonymous aEoLuS Waves said...

Dude thats so amazing!!

Keep up the good work and chat you laters (Coffee?)

05 September, 2006  

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