Sunday, July 16, 2006

Distant Drums

I find it kinda strange, when you make something (like the for example the Elven Drums I built a while back) and then you 'release it into the wild', cut your ties and it's out there, in the Metaverse doing its own thing. Strange, when you have kinda forgot about it to suddenly stumble across it again in a different setting and you realize that someone, somewhere has been caring for, commenting upon, or simply doing something else with the work you started - when you, the creator didn't know this was taking place. Strange, but nice-strange.

A couple of recent examples spring to mind:

Firstly, this youTube clip of a discussion about Drumcasting technology using my Elven Drums (with Raoul Weiler, Rolando Berger, and Tom Munnecke).

Second, another youTube broadcast, this time a film from the very creative (and often hilarious SL comentator) Pierce.P showing machinima footage of what looks like a very bizarre twilight drum circle. (Great work PP, note to self -have got to try do some work with Pierce if I can at some point).


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