Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hyper-Cello Song Competition

Today I have launched a Second-Life Song Writing Competition for the Hyper-Cello, prize money is 10,000L$ for the winner.

I have sent Notecards with the rules to all current Hyper-Cello owners, but for anyone else who might be interested in entering the competition, here are details:

To be able to enter you will need to own a Hyper-Cello.

The Hyper-Cello can be bought in world at < Scafell (30, 149, 49) > (SLurl).

Following the successful song writing competition I hosted (May 2006) for the Hyper-Flute I have decided to host another competition, only this time for the Hyper-Cello, and I hope that you will consider entering?

Remember, absolutely anyone can write a song, you don't need to able to read music or play an instrument, just have an ear for a good melody and be able to write the note-sequence down in the correct format in a notecard (as per the instructions included in the instrument HUD) - It's free to enter and the prize money is 10,000 L$ for the winner!

The winning entry from the previous flute song writing competition can be heard in the video here

After the competition, all entries will be available for sharing so this is also a great way to generate more songs for us all to play in our Cellos - (and Flutes as the scores are interchangeable).


1) Closing date for song entries is 15th July 2006. If you are thinking of entering please let me know so I keep a check on likely numbers.

2) To enter the competition, songs (notecards) should be dropped on the entry-box at the following location. - < Scafell (31, 146, 49)> (SLurl), before the closing date.

3) Song entries should be longer than 30 seconds and must be original music composed by you.

4) Robbie Dingo will judge competition and the judges decision is final.

5) Your entry notecard must include your name and the name of the song. You must be willing to share your song with other Hyper-Instrument owners after the competition has closed. Your entry must load correctly without errors when importing into the HUD.

A good song, for the purpose of judging this competition will be one that is idiomatic of the hyper-cello. That is to say one that has been written specially with THIS instrument in mind and takes into account its features, range and well yes, cope with the timing problems that exist in SL. The winning song should be varied, yet memorable; original, include a strong melody and make use of silence too. For examples of original and strong, effective melodies, sing just about any Beatles tune! The winning entry from the previous flute song writing competition can be heard in the video here.

I will go through the entries and announce the winner to all as quickly as I possibly can after the closing date.

Good luck and have fun with it!


Hyper-Cello Song-Writing Competition - Results (July 06).

4 entries received, in no particular order:

Rene Undertone, 'Java Morning'
Kagami Muromachi, 'Lakeside Reflections'
Jennifer Mahoney, 'Reflection on Mill Pond'
Codalisa Levitt, 'An Eroglance'

My thanks goes out to Rene, Kagami, Jennifer and Codalisa for their time and effort. I am so pleased that you entered your songs in this competition and that they will now be made available for free in the sharing vendor for others to hear your work. If you own a Hyper-Cello (or even a Flute as these songs will play on all the Hyper-Instruments) I urge you to go pick up the scores and play these songs.

Before I announce the winner of the 10,000L$ prize, I would like to offer a short review/summary of the 4 pieces...

As before, again it was a difficult decision to make as all the entries were really well implemented for the 'cello. In my opinion, 'Lakeside Reflections' and 'Java Morning' are almost at opposite sides of the spectrum to one another, the former uses a very low, moody, flowing and continuous theme with very few pauses and the latter sits more in the mid range of the cello and plays with few notes and well positioned pauses. Both are really quite effective.

With respect to 'Reflections on Mill Pond' and An 'Eroglance', it is very clear that both Jennifer and Codalisa have spent much time reflecting and perfecting and these songs, and they both really feel like they were written specifically for the Hyper-Cello. Without doubt Jennifer's song is technically more involved, and a quick glance at the score shows that she has given consideration to the loudness dynamic of nearly every phrase - it's a great work Jennifer! On the other hand Eroglance just 'sings' on the cello and the intro. theme (which is repeated twice at the start) sticks with you immediately. The interval jumps on the second line and throughout are beautiful.

Jennifer and Codalisa's songs were so hard to choose between, but as I have to do this..... An Eroglance wins, congratulations Codalisa (10K L$ coming your way now), and Jennifer, please take your pick of any instrument or instruments in my vendor as a runner up prize, whatever you want, it's yours.

Thanks to all 4 song-writers.... until the next time.

Here is the full score for An Eroglance:
(Plus a programme note, Codalisa hope you don't mind me including this also?)

An Eroglance by Codalisa Levitt
D1,T=0.3,E2,F2,T=1.0,D2,D2,T=0.3,A1,T=0.4,D1,T=0.3 ,E2,F2,T=1.0,D2,D2,*
T=0.4,D1,T=0.3,D2,E2,T=1.5,C2,T=0.4,G1,D1,D2,E2,T= 1.2,C2,*
T=0.7,0.3,C2,C2,T=0.4,B1,B1,T=0.6,E2,T=0.3,0.2,B1, T=1.2,A1,*
T=0.4,F1,As1,*,As2,Cs2,F2,*,F1,F1,G1,G1,B1,T=1.5,D 1,*

This song is about the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydices. It begins with the two of them having the permission to leave Hades. She is happy that she can go with him, her true love. Then there is the reminder, the qualifier of the deal, to not look at one another until out of Hades. And of course Orpheus looks, and poof, Eurydices is stuck in Hades for keeps. So there is that sorrow there and that is what the Eroglance is. I called it the Eroglance. It is like the romances in Second Life I believe. They are good until someone is tempted to look as in knowing too much real life.


Anonymous Beth said...

I want to buy a flute and cello and having problems logging in ... how can I purchase your items in world?

14 July, 2006  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

The instruments can be bought in world at this SLurl. ty

14 July, 2006  
Anonymous Ledje Gorky said...

Robbie, will you make a promotional video for the cello and panpipes too (like you did with the flute) ?
It will make choosing one so much easier :p

15 November, 2006  

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