Saturday, June 10, 2006

Filming Ends - Storyboard. (Film #2)

I now have all the movie files I think I need to put the film together, (and yes some of the shots are not as smooth as I would have hoped for due to frame skipping as mentioned in the previous post). I used a hand drawn story-board to work against whilst capturing the footage, but now that the footage has been obtained I have put together a more accurate story-board:

Briefly, the story unfolds as follows:

Line 1: Titles; Young Boy#1 (c. 5 yrs old, the son) playing with a toy train set; Middle aged Father#1 playing piano;

Line 2: Various shots of Father#1 playing piano, there are two piano stools;

Line 3: Boy#1 joins Father#1 at piano, they play a duet;

Line 4: This section portrays both Boy#1 and Father#1 aging (Boy#1 now c. 30 Father#1 now c. 75);

Line 5: Father#1 'exits' through a fade-away leaving Boy#1 playing alone; Also a reminder of the train set;

Line 6: Various shots of Boy#1 playing piano; Then Boy#1 (now called Father#2) is joined by Boy#2 (his son, c. 5 yrs old).

Line 7: Various shots of Boy#2 and Father#2 at piano, duet again, some distance shots fading to black;

Line 8: End scene, Father#2 and Boy#2 close up of faces as they turn to face each other; End Credits.

With everything in place, the editing process begins...


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