Friday, May 12, 2006

Character Development. (Film #2)

OK so now I'm starting to think about the central characters and their appearance. It is very important to the success of this film that I get the characterisation right, we will need to believe in the relationships between the characters. Adding to this, at some point in the film I need to portray a convincing aging process. To be honest this is the part of this project that worries me the most as I have not really done any of this work before. I contemplated sub-contracting this part of the project to another resident skilled in Avatar design, but I have now concluded that it will be difficult to explain such a key aspect to a third party and the cost and timeframe involved will not weigh-up.

So, here we go, I have managed to obtain some excellent detailed templates for the SL avatar from Robin (Sojourner) Wood. Below is an example picture of Robin's 'UV-Suit', a set of templates worn directly on my avatar. Over the course of the next few Blog entries I hope to show the steps and stages in making the key characters.


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