Monday, May 22, 2006

Avatar Faces (+ Ageing). (Film #2)

Its been a fairly long learning progress, but I'm now happy with the Avatar face(s) for the central character(s).

As previously mentioned, for this film I want to include a convincing ageing process, from c. 5 to 80 years.

The process involved firstly taking front and side digital images of both my face (middle, below) and my eldest son's (far left, below) who is 5. The images were stretched and treated to fit the face template for the SL Avatar. Next, the images now looking like a flat pieces of skin were morphed (using Morphage software for the Mac) to provide a 'tweened' image at the mid-point, somewhere between the two faces (second from the left, below). Finally to obtain the final two steps (right, below), I repeated this process, only this time crossing my face with a found image (from a painted self portrait) of a very old man. These final two morphs never reached the full-morph stage thus retaining a resemblance to the central face (a bit scary really!).

In turn, all five images were wrapped onto the SL Avatar and many subtle adjustments were made to the face and body shape parameters (inc. hair style and colour) to provide five Avatar appearance profiles.

With this big step now complete, the final stage in character development will be the sourcing and making of the clothing... Oh, and I now have a title for this film, but I'm going to save that for another blog entry.


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