Friday, June 23, 2006

A Surprise Prize. (Film #2)

Arriving back from a weeks holiday to find that the Film 'STAGE' wins ('Best Film') in the June Alt-Zoom festival!

This was even more surprising after seeing the fantastic line up of the other 24 entrants, which can all be viewed here.

Here was the line up:

Stage, by Robbie Dingo, (Best Film)
A Whale of a Tale, by AngryBeth Shortbread, (Best Story)
NMC in Second Life, directed by Pierce Portocarrero, (Best Cinematography)
A Little Problem, by Otis Pertwee, (Best Editing)
Flexitail, by Beatfox Xevious, (Technical Accomplishment)
Racetrack, by RacerX Gullwing
The Trouble with Goblin Engineering, by Tuber Potato
Suddener Fights, by Sandro Melnitz
A Community That Cares, by Moo Money
MachiniHUD2, by Spin Martin
Hot Date, by Rob Danton
At The Red Carpet, by Tao Takashi
Tales from Susi's Mountain Gallery - Episode 1, by Susi Spicoli
Agent Smith Beta, by Joseph Montagne
Bio of a Duo, by Moebius Overdrive
Base Jumping, by Digi Vox
Bang Bang, by Melonie Giles
Dynamite, by Vikkie Christianson
Dark Night of the Soul, by Aces Spade
Everything is Transformable CC Remix, by In Kenzo
Rocket Riding, by Susi Spicoli
GothBurgh Castle, by Insky Jedburgh
Regina Spektor Party, by RacerX Gullwing
Meeky Rosie This, by Clames Clanger

Anyways, I have decided that the prize money (of L$10,000 or c. US$29.50 / GB£16.21, if floated) will now be re-depoyed as prize money for the next SL song-wring competition I am planning to run soon very soon, (Thanks Alt-Zoom, MooMoney and Buh Buh Kuh Fairchild).

Last time I ran the competition it was for the Hyper-Flute.

This time it will be for the Hyper-Cello.


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