Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hyper Instrument Keyboard Link!

Wow. Now this I do find interesting, and if you are are a SL musician I think you will also.

Today I was approached by Foolish Frost who played to me a short piece of music on the Hyper-Flute I made for Second Life. As well as playing back note-sequences stored in a notecard, the instrument can also be played in real-time via mouse and HUD; and Foolish was also playing in real-time, but with a significant difference...

Foolish Frost and Botany Black have inventively created an external piece of software that will allow the hyper-instruments (currently flute and 'cello) to be played via your computer's (QWERTY) keyboard; something that is not currently possible with the current array of LSL functions.

We invite all Hyper-Instrument owners to try this out.

Here's how to do it, the set-up is very easy.

Firstly, you need to obtain the Hyper Instrument Keyboard Link software. At the moment this can be downloaded for free HERE, and works on PC's only. (Its only 264KB; a few seconds to download).

Second, you set-up the Hyper-Instrument in SL as normal (making sure that the HUD is not obscured by anything) and then run the external Keyboard Link software.

The software will cause your Second Life window to maximize on the desktop and ask you to click the upper left and lower right corners of the Hyper Instrument's HUD, (If you mis-align the HUD you can hit Esc and re-run the program to reset the placement).

That's it - You can now use the following keys to play the instrument!

23 567 89

When you are finished, hit Esc to end the external program.

This is exactly the sort of thing that holds me in Second Life, the coming together of strangers to make something happen, thanks Foolish and Botany.


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