Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Machinima Festival 2006

Very pleased to announce that my short film - Better Life has been nominated at the 2006 New York Machinima Festival (Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences), for Best Virtual Performance (Custom Animation). Also nominated for Second Life based films in various categories are 'Game Over' (Pierce P), 'Machnima Island' (Richard Gras) and 'Silver Bells and Golden Spurs' (Eric Call). Best of luck guys!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robbie Dingo,

I totally LOOOOOVE your "Better Life" Video. I am new to the grid and I'm absolutely floored. And I'm not sure if the awards have been presented yet, but I sure hope you win. You deserve it. Your work is FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME! PERFECT and so TOUCHING! Looking forward to more great works from U!!!

Happy New Year - Wish You All The Best For 2007 And Beyond!
PJ aka "Xaviara Chevalier"

01 January, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi robbie; i totally loved your sl-movie:better life;great music too!
hope to meet you in sl one day!

nitram wei

17 August, 2007  

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