Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Love and Hate (The Machine)



Anonymous Tinsel Silvera said...

Not sure what the machine is but sure looks like it would be fun to explore in! Where can I see it up close?

24 July, 2007  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

Hopefully in the next film... It's currently hidden in a secret hide-out, I could show you but then I would have to kill you. (heh). Thanks for the comment tinsel.

24 July, 2007  
Anonymous Sonja Finney said...

Hi Robbie,

Wow really cool looking machine!
Looking forward to see it in your machinima.

What if the audience would have instead of seats, the machine. Where the hendles would be a possibility to interact with the machinima?

Best wishes
Sonja Finney

22 August, 2007  

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