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Second Life Profile Page

What the FAQ ?
This page is intended to be viewed in my Second Life Profile...

Hi, I find myself often answering the same set of questions,
so to speed things up I thought I would supply a FAQ list,
if you have a question, please read on to see if it has been
answered here:

Russian Roulette:

Q: I'm interested in buying a Russian Roulette Table,
where can I get one?

A: Please see the My Picks tab for a direct TP to the vendor,
there is a table out nearby too so you can try before you buy

Q: Can you make me a special Russian Roulette Table
which will give me a cut of the winnings?

A: Sorry no, this was the game I wanted to make.

Musical Instruments:

Q: I'm interested in buying a Musical Instrument,
where can I get one?

A: Please see My Picks for a direct TP to the Musical
Instrument vendor, also there is a TP to my showroom,
many of the instruments can be viewed here,
and some can be demoed, thanks!

Vendor Instructions:

Q: I'm at your Vendor, how does it work?

A: The home pages on the vendor show many smaller images
all at the same time. Use the <- -> keys to move between pages.
If you see an item you might like to buy, press the image to
enlarge it. From here you can either press the ' i ' button to get a
notecard about the item, or pay the vendor to buy the item.
The price is shown ABOVE the vendor in floating text - you need
to be fairly close to be able to see / read the price - Remember to
look ABOVE the vendor please...


Q: Can I hear a demo of a Hyper-Instrument?

A: Yep sure, a demo of the Hyper-Flute can be seen/heard
in this video

Q: Any advice on how to work the
Hyper-Instrument's HUD
- what do all the buttons do?

A: Yep sure, you will have got instructions but loads
more help here

Q: Any advice on how to write a Musical Score for
the Hyper-Instruments?

A: Yep sure, loads, and loads of detailed help
can be found here

Q: Can I get more Scores/Music to play in my

A: Yes loads, you can collect more score-notecards
from my Hyper Instrument score sharing-vendor and please
leave any of your own scores here too for others to collect
and play. Please see My Picks tab for a direct TP to the
sharing vendor, thanks!
(Please remember, if you are leaving a score for others
to play, use a name for your notecard that is NOT longer
than 24 characters in length).

Q: How do I add new scores to my Hyper-Instrument?

A: In edit mode select the attached HUD. In the HUD's
edit window, choose MORE>> and then choose the contents
Tab, drag and drop new scores here to add them.

Q: My Hyper-Instrument no longer loads a new score,
what's wrong?

A: This is most likely because you have a notecard in
your HUD's contents with a name of greater than
24 characters long.

Rename the offending notecard with a shorter name,
and you're good to go!

Q: My Hyper-Instrument is not working,
"stack-heap collision error",
what's wrong?

A: The script has become inactive, this can happen
if you try to load a Notecard score which is too long
for the memory capabilities of a SL script, or sometimes
if you have tried to load a score whilst it is already
busy loading one....

To fix this problem, please select the HUD in whilst in
edit mode and choose 'Reset Scripts in Selection'.
This can be found near the bottom of the 'Tools' Menu.

Syncronisation/ No Sound Issues:

Q: My Drums or Gamelan instruments
don't play sound, what's wrong?

A: Most of my drums require you to also rez the
conductor object nearby, you will have received
one of these when you bought the drum(s).
Please rez this and touch to turn it on (Green = ON)
- this thing holds the timing between many drums so
they play in sync, and without it you get no sound.

The Gamelan instruments need this too and also need the
Pattern Changer object to be rezzed, which looks like a
set of 4 large gongs, but is actually 4 buttons used to change
the patterns on many Gamelan instruments at the same time.
If you have not rezzed the Pattern changer and the conductor
objects you will get no sound from the Gamelan instruments.
Yep, the Gamelan instruments work in time with the
Elven Drums too!


Some reviews for Hyper-Instruments:
(copied from my SLEX page)

  • "Truly a fantastic piece of work! Easy to use and
    looks and sounds fantastic"

  • "This is a wonderful item - looks and sounds
    beautiful - and very easy to make REAL music with"

  • "It plays beautifully and is very intuitive"

  • "All in all, I'd say anybody with an appreciation
    for instrumental music would find a fun use for it"

  • "Very beautifaul and well worth the extra for
    composer edition. great if your creative and enjoy
    the sounds"

  • "The most amazing thing I have ever seen in SL.
    As a musician, I have been looking for a way to bring
    my music with me into SL. Now I can. I can't wait to
    start composing"

  • "Awesome design and lots of fun to play and

  • "I love the Hyper-Pipes! They sound gorgeous.
    These instruments are such fun and so much more
    versatile than most other SL instruments"

  • "These (pipes), the Hyper-Flute and the
    Hyper-Cello, all highly recommended"

  • "Works well, sounds beautiful. Love it"

Q: Do you do custom work?
I want an instrument making?

A: Usually the answer to this will will be "no sorry"...

... (unless you are making a sensible offer for work).


Blogger Villads said...


01 March, 2007  
Blogger Villads said...

Do You have a Saxophone or are planning to build one. Alternative do you know how to get one? Otherwise I will try build onne myself and then asking for your support to syncronise movements and music in scriting. I am willing to pay for your support...

01 March, 2007  
Blogger Eleanora said...

Hello, Robbie. I finally had a place to put the drum set. When I first got them, I rezzed them and when I took them back into inventory, the two gongs remained behind separate from their rack. I went ahead and took the gongs back. I was new to SL and wasn't quite sure how to contact you and didn't really have a place to put the drums in any case. When I finally rezzed the instruments, including the conductor, I was moving them around into position. The gongs I put back onto the rack, but didn't try to link them (I never unlinked anything from the start); just selected all and moved as a unit. Then I moved the rain stick and the stand separated from the rainstick and wasn't sure about just repositioning. I do not know why they are becoming separated. Can you please assist? Thanks. Cris

10 April, 2007  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

Hi Cris,

Thanks for the comment - Those object parts are not linked for valid reasons (eg. the whole rainstick and stand would rotate if linked). I'm sure it says this somewhere in the pack, but you should select both sections (in editmode) and move them together as one if you need to reposition. You can simply move the rainstick back in place on the stand, or I will send you a new one if you need it? (there are no other unlinked items in that set). ty ty

10 April, 2007  
Blogger Eleanora said...

Hi, Robbie...thanks for responding. The gongs seem easy to position. I will let you know on the rain stick...if it has no animation dependant on position, should be fine. I was trying to find my documentation, could not...also went to Hyper and couldn't find any there. Could you at least send that for now, Robbie? Much appreciated.

10 April, 2007  
Blogger AliasMP3 said...

Hi there Robbie
Both my girlfriend and I were wondering - any plans to bring out a Hyper-Violin? We LOVE the existing range - my gf has a flute and a friend the cello, but would both would love to be able to play violin! Wondered if there's one in the pipeline - might even be able to start an SL orchestra to rival/work with the SL ballet!
Kind regards,
Alias Schilling

17 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had you heard of http://www.slprofiles.com ?
you can create a Second Life Profile in there and also have a real life profile too! Most SL Denizens use this to meet new people before they log in to SL.
Hope this helps!

11 May, 2007  
Blogger Praetorius said...

Robbie, Most evrything works great. My frends luv to come over and play...gbdha
but i have 2 problems:
1) Everything rezzed out fine, except I cannot get the rainstick out of the box. I get a msg which says I can't open multiple objects at the same time. I noted eleanora had sum prob with the 2 pieces. I'm sure there must b an ez way 2 solve this, but as yet no 1 has been able 2 tell me.
2) Pattern #3 on the mid timp has a glitch which makes it sound slightly like a rap dj (w/the vinyl record player)

Any help is appreciated.
Immerdar Fredriksson

21 May, 2007  
Anonymous Beren Shan said...

Hi Robbie, i bought your hyper composite edition flute, but i had a problem when i tryied to rez it. I got an error like "can't rez object" or something similar, also in lands where is possibile to create. So i quit sl and when i joined again the flute was no more in the inventory...i searched it in the land where i tryied to rez it but isn't there...Can you help me?
My name in sl is: Beren Shan

29 June, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robbie, the poem reader in the treehouse of Lauks, did touch my heart! Is there any possibility to buy one..? I have to tell you, the combination of the poem, and the little box with drawers.. it`s just an piece of art!! My compliments!

06 July, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey robbie
I got the flute and used it for a while but when i tried loading the scorecards into it during the spaz of SL witht he assetservers and such the hud wjust.. well vanished and is gone so if i can get a new HUD as mines missing :)

Regards Alexej Laszlo
(Sent you a PM as well)

31 July, 2007  
Blogger joseph said...

would be great if u made more hyper instruments. Hyper hypa!

a piano for example or a guitar

06 September, 2007  
Anonymous morpheus said...

heya. i have elven drums and gongs and wanted to ask how i can hide the hover text above the instruments..as it is hided in the shop. i could not find any channels named in the notecards to do this. thanks for helping!

04 November, 2007  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

Hi morpheus, please send me an IM in world so I can send you another set without the text, thanks.

07 November, 2007  
Anonymous Blackfyr McBride said...

I know a few people that are looking for playable Celtic Harps that they can put music into. Is this a project that we could interest you in?

24 November, 2007  
Anonymous PalUP Ling said...

Hi, Robbie.
First of all, many congrats for your great work. I'm from Portugal, University of Oporto, and I wanna know if it's possible to contact me in-world to discuss some future projects.
Best, PaulUP Ling

13 December, 2007  
Anonymous asarapi said...

Hey Robbie, love your work! I have Gamelan and Elven Drum sets, I am a musician and wondered if it would be too much to add capability of adding my own loops to a sample player or to some of these SYNC'd instruments or if something like that is in the works?
If not, or you're not interested in this anymore, is there a way to have someone else script and sync another instrument to your sync boxes? Gracias.

18 January, 2008  
Anonymous Bonne Lightstone said...

Hello, Robbie!
I purchased your Hyper Panpipe Composer Edition yesterday, but today when I tried to load in a song file (Stranger in Paradise) from the song vendor, but got the "stack collision error" message... but when I tried the tip to reset in the "tools" menu, the script (scripts?) from the HUD disappeared, and now the HUD is completely inert!
PLEASE help! ;_;

17 March, 2008  
Blogger Leigh said...

Wow to your work :) I have spent many hours listening to the wonderful sounds made by my friends on your instruments, stunning work.

Was wondering about the WhisperBox, is there anywhere I can purchase or even hire one from you for my Gallery? Again stunning and inspiring :)

Leigh Gears

02 July, 2008  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

Hi Leigh, send me an IM in world... thanks.

03 July, 2008  
Anonymous timbo said...

hi does anyone one though how to make a scrpit for playing the drums

11 July, 2008  
Anonymous Breanna said...

It might also help to know that this song works fine in the flute and cello, this is the only instrument that seems to have a problem with it.

15 July, 2008  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

@ Breanna, hi, thanks for the comment - hope it's ok to reply here and you see this message?

It's very odd that this only comes up on the pipes (not flute or cello). A questions to isolate the problem:

Is it only happening on one certain song or all songs in the pipe?

If it's only one song, then the problem is in the score.

If it's all songs then the problem is the pipe (unlikely). - if this is the case I will send another to you.

I suspect this is an issue with the score however - stack heaps occur if the score is too long, can you try to shorten it and report back?



15 July, 2008  
Blogger tony said...

Did you close Starry nights?

07 September, 2008  
Anonymous Jouet said...

Hey Robbie, seriously, why is the Starry Night sim closed. Cries went out all over Second Life upon hearing the news. Thanks. Jouet.

05 October, 2008  
Anonymous Zevs said...

Hi Robbie! I have bought several of your instruments and just wonder if there is any way of increasing the volume on them. The current volumes are a bit on the low end and if there was a way too boost it that would be great.

08 March, 2009  
Blogger Lucky said...

Hi Robbie,

we are some Friends and we like to play music in SL.

Some month ago we bought your Elven Drums and we have a lot of fun with it. We started to be a band..lol. Btw: Our bandname is: Black Combo Group:)

And Saturday 1.2.2010 we played our first concert!

Here are a video from our concert:)

Now my question: Is it possible to raise the volume? Because, we want play more concerts but the volume from the elven drums are to low/ quiet. The public must zoom with their cams very near to our avatars and drums, before they can hear anything. That is a dissapointing.

Maybe you can gice us the perm "modify" for the elven scripts? Or we give you a customer work and you can write a new Script?

Bye, bye
Lucky Bekkers
Black Combo Group:)

08 January, 2010  
Anonymous Ivy Dethly said...

Hello there :) I own your hyper flute and it's an amazing instrument, but i was wondering , is there any way to keep the flute from spamming things like Hyper-Flute Composer Edition v3 (HUD1-Upper): Touched. into the local chat whenever i touch it?

Ivy Dethly

07 November, 2012  
Blogger AKA Robbie Dingo said...

hello Ivy, the messages you are seeing are not seen by other - they are private to you to help your performance - they do not spam the public chat... hope this helps?

07 November, 2012  

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