Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Render me?

Ah well, I was going to sit down to do some animation work for a forthcoming SL machinima project but got waylaid in Poser (again).

(* Image quality is reduced a lot in conversion to .jpg, but please click for a larger image)

As I waited for my image to slowly appear I got thinking, as CPU processing power increases and real-time rendering engines become more capable... well I guess one can begin to imagine what the graphical future may hold for a virtual world, and the impact this may have on machinima as an attractive and effective medium through which to record ones online experiences.

(Note to self: Launching Poser = not a good idea if you want to get some work done).


Anonymous Kumara said...

This ia an out-of-the world, magical image with a surreal touch. Keep up the good work.

16 August, 2007  
Anonymous Ley Wrangler said...

Hi there - Also just wanted to comment on the very impressive quality you have in the "photo".

How is this possible? What kind of hardware and software combined can make such futuristic images??

I'm in awe - tell me, tell me :-)

22 August, 2007  
Anonymous ByteDreams Slade said...

Cool! Are you a Posaholic yet? I am, lol. Reminds me I should put up some of my own stuff, but you can check me out at the galleries at Renderosity.com

19 September, 2007  
Anonymous SLTutorials said...

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25 October, 2007  
Blogger Garrett Larkham said...

She's beautiful...and scary. I wonder how soon we will see such avatars.
BTW, I had to purchase Harper's Song..what an amazing track. Love your work, Robbie!

04 December, 2007  

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