Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm crap at multitasking.

OK so I admit it, this blog has been much neglected for a while and is becoming a little cross threaded with different stuff. Both quite good reflections on my personal situation, busy, busy, busy.

Haven't done much in Second Life for a bit though, have been concentrating efforts elsewhere, Family, Friends, The Day Job, learning how to develop apps for the iPhone, learning how to author game content in Unity, some interactive projects in Flash, some music composition work, etc etc. - and yep I'm crap at multitasking...

...feels like I've got a split personality going on at the moment, with stuff flying all over the place, pushing and pulling in different directions all at once.

Need to get me organised, (to feel whole again). Need to get me a website where I can catalogue and consolidate previous work of different types and add the new projects - in one location. Once this is done, I'll drop a URL here, then will move my (more active blogging) over there.

For now though, some current news:

Following a tip-off from Hamlet over at New World Notes here, I decided to send in my Machinima film Watch the World(s) to the NewTeeVee Pier Screenings.

Just heard the the work has been shortlisted (1 of 5 finalists), NewTeeVee will be streaming the event (URL to be announced shortly on their site), and votes will be taken by txt at the live event this Thursday (28th Aug '08) - why not catch the show if possible.

Over and out.


Blogger Overman said...

Congrats on the NTV shortlist, Rob! What an interesting venue.

30 August, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry about the completely unrelated comment here. I'm the developer of Filterstorm, Apple gives us no way to contact reviewers, so I googled you. If you're experiencing crashes during large image export, it almost certainly means your iPad has low available RAM for some reason.

Filterstorm eats up about 80 megs of RAM during normal operation, and jumps up to somewhere around 110 while exporting large images. 110 is usually a safe amount of RAM to occupy on iPad, but sometimes for whatever reason people have less available. A simple restart should free up the extra RAM and end your crashing problems.

23 August, 2010  

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