Thursday, June 26, 2008

Car Game #2

Some images showing progress on the car game. Madly in content-creation-mode at the moment...

i. Mapping out the Road-Layout (in Flash):

ii. Building the 3d Road-Model (in Carrara):

iii. Importing the Road-Model to test it in Game (in Unity):

iv. Another... :

v. Texturing Low-Poly Buildings:

...the idea here is that these are modular so that different combinations can be constructed from instances of a few parts.

vi. And working on the car physics still:

Monday, June 02, 2008

Car Game #1

Taking a break from Second Life - Thought I’d post a screen capture from a driving game I've been working on...

• Video (higher Quality)

Yes it’s still very rough round the edges, I put this together in the demo version time of Unity (Game Development Tool)  to test what is possible - probably have to put it on hold now for a while as my demo is about to expire (but going to save up for the pro version then start this game for real from scratch).

I’m completely new to game development, but a quick learner, my experience in 3d/texturing/scripting, etc comes from SecondLife (Virtual World) and off the back of a cornflakes packet.... but had a lot of fun putting this together.

With the exception of the last crash clip, this was all captured in real time in one take, I’m using trip-wires to trigger camera angle changes to give a more cinematic feel. There are quite a few soundfiles attached to the car, with different roll-off settings, creating some good engine sound effects as the car flies by...