Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Love and Hate (The Machine)


Monday, July 23, 2007


Thanks a lot for the Picture 'T. Very nice :)

(Hope you don't mind me posting here on my blog). Where/when the heck did you take that?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watch The World(s) - Revisited

Well. Cough. I don't know what to say. I have never had such a full inbox!

Torley says on the LL Blog: "To this day, I swear one of the kewlest things about Second Life is that if you see something you like, contact is just an instant message away, and this facilitates telling someone “YOU ROCK!” Going beyond text chat, you can visit with them, in-avatar, and until such time we get “RL teleports”, I’d say this is pretty swell. And this sort of activity happens every hour in Second Life, involving strangers (possibly soon to become friends) you “have never really met”.

What he doesn't really go on to say, is what kind reaction this has on the creator. I am feeling very motivated by the comments to roll my sleeves up and do something else THANKS! - In the meantime:-

Many people wrote to me to say that they were sorry that the Sim used in 'Watch The World(s)' was wiped as they wished that they could have explored it for themselves, firsthand :(

Although I know it is not nearly the same thing, but here are some of the out-takes that were not used in the film. This is my way of saying THANK YOU for all of the kind and supportive IM's and comments... they are all very much appreciated.

(Rob - bie Dingo)

Original Music is 'Rollercoaster', written by my good friends Scott Bingham and Steve Bean (Angry Man).
Performed as an instrumental by Steve.

Click here to download a copy.

OR watch the YouTube, lower quality version.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch the World(s).

A Second Life Machinima by Robbie Dingo.
(Duration 4'17")

"Frameless heads on nameless walls, with eyes that watch the world and can't forget - like the strangers that you've met". [Don McLean].

Ever looked at your favorite painting and wished you could wander inside, to look at it from different perspectives? Spend a single day in one of mine, from early sunrise on a new day, to dusk when lights come on in cosy homes; through a peaceful night, till morning.

Shot on location in Second Life then post-produced, this was an idea I had a while ago. The Sim in this work was on temporary loan so it's all been swept away now, leaving only the film behind. It was always intended however that the video would be the end product, not the build.

This work is dedicated to the many weird and very wonderful strangers from around the globe I have met, but have neverreally met.

(For more detail on how this was put together, please read this article by Wagner Jame Au over at New World Notes).

Higher Quality version (900 x 600) / (Recommended).
- Compressed to a 97.6MB, full sized download.

Mid Quality version (450 x 300)
- Compressed to a 47.5MB, half sized download.

Lower Quality version (450 x 300)
- Heavily compressed to a reasonable half sized 22.6MB stream.

or Lowest Quality YouTube:-